English Premier League was started in 1992. It is the top of the English football ranking. The League organizes the main matches among English football teams and determines the best and worst teams in the championship. There is a table of the English Premier League which will help you to analyze the game, get to know the results of games of each team and make a forecast for the matches. The table includes details of the game results of each team: number of matches played, match-winning goals, defeats, and other game criteria. Besides information concerning the results, matches schedule is also posted on the page – you won’t miss a game and always will be up to date with football world events! Every fan should know about the key events of the match, about the number of goals shot be the favorite team, and support your favorite to the full. With us, you will get an opportunity to track games of legendary English teams, and games statistics will help make the right bets and make a forecast for the future match. Discover real emotions, support your favorite players, enjoy every victory, and stay online together with many concerned fans! Stay at the center of events with us.