Russian Football Premier-League is the highest rank in Russian football. This division was formed out of the Top League in 2001and includes 16 strongest clubs. According to the results of the championship of every season two worst teams are transferred to the First Division and two best - from the division to the League. Our site includes a table of Russian Premier-League which will allow you to analyze the championship, learn about win or loss of the famous teams, and predict future results. The table shows the key moments of the matches: number of goals shot in each team, the number of matches played, and the game outcome. Supporting the favorite team and afraid to miss an interesting game? – The matches’ schedule includes accurate information on the date and time of the game, and live broadcasting will keep you in track of the events during the whole game. For you to follow the history of football events the games’ statistic was formed. Here each of you can make a forecast for the future matches and easily compare the teams. Football is a fascinating and unique event filled with special atmosphere, and having its own culture. Stay online together with millions of fans around the world and enjoy victories of legendary clubs with us!