The greatest competition among European national teams which is held under the aegis of UEFA. Every 4 years the strongest national team is chosen in Europe. In 1968 the tournament became official and got the title of the UEFA European Championship, although it was originally called European Nations Cup. The national team of the USSR was the first national team to win this trophy. Since 2016 24 teams participate in the final part of the tournament: 6 groups of 4 teams. 12 teams leave the groups if they got the first two places, also 4 best teams which got 3 places. In 2020 to the anniversary, the European Championship will be held in 12 countries: Russia, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Denmark, Ireland, Rumania, and Scotland. The European Championship is a football holiday that takes place between the World Cups. On our web site, you can follow online all the matches of the European Championship and even more. See the statistics by the tables and allocation in groups to understand the position of your favorite team. On the web site, you can also keep up with the tournament news!