The top division in the system of football leagues of France is Ligue 1. 20 best clubs take part in it. French teams have their fans and especially for them, we’ve made a page with Ligue 1 table with the detailed results of the matches. You can analyze the opponents’ games, namely: learn the number of the matches held and goals shot, see the winners and losers. All the matches of the French championship are available on our web site, and each of you can follow the football events of French matches. Football fascinates from the first minutes, and a sense of unity with fans and the team gives real emotions that will make lasting memories. We conduct online broadcasts of matches, for each of you to feel in the very center of events. During the online broadcasting, you will be able to watch the game and be the first to see a goal shot. Football wouldn’t be so interesting without fans, it’s they who create a special atmosphere, and really outlive wins and losses when getting the games results. YOU won’t miss your favorite club games with us. The games schedule available on the page allows to find time for the game in advance, and the detailed statistics of the game will help make the right bets on the favorite.