Pochettino was fired from Tottenham and Mourinho was appointed as the senior coach.

10:02, 23 Nov 2019

Pochettino, who had been heading Tottenham since 2014, was dismissed by the executive staff because of game bad results. The whole coaching staff left with him.

Pochettino managed to set beautiful attacking football. During his leadership, the club consistently entered the top 5 of the English Premier League. The top achievements can be considered the second place in the Championship and getting into the final of the Champions League this year. In the current season, the situation changed for worse: 14 place after 12 tournaments and currently 20 points behind Liverpool. In Champions League the club is fixed in second place. Jose Mourinho, who was dismissed from Manchester United in 2018, was appointed to the place of the Argentinean. In English Premier League Mour worked twice in other London club – Chelsea, which had won the championship three times under his supervision.